Ways to Recover Files from Memory Stick

I am using a Samsung S5. As a professional I have selected this because of its advance features and also it includes memory stick for data storage. Accidentally I have deleted number of images and video files from memory stick from Samsung S5. Now what should I do? Can anyone suggest me the way to recover files from memory stick?

Mostly the reason behind the usage of memory stick is that they tend to be faster in comparison with other memory card like MMC, SD card, SDXC and many more. The fetching is proactive and the storage capacity can be extended up to 32GB which supplies a significantly larger space. Whenever you perform delete operation on memory stick either accidentally or intentionally then files are not deleted completely only the address pointer will be deleted. There are chances to recover files from memory stick by using Easy File Recovery utility only when the deleted or lost files are not overwritten with other files i.e. stop working on the memory stick.

Reasons behind the loss of files from memory stick are as follows:

Virus infections: When it comes to virus related problems then it is better that do not turn on the memory stick or camera while using PC as it can certainly spark a permanent corruption of stored files firmware. To extract images from virus infected memory cards is tricky task but tend to be possibly finished with the assistance of eminent retrieval software.

Accidental deletion: It is a most common factor when you want to delete some unwanted files from memory stick and also select crucial files along with unwanted files. After selecting you immediately press delete button that result in complete loss of files.

Abrupt termination: Suppose, you are performing transfer operation from memory card to computer hard disk drive to take proper backup. However, while moving process, if your system goes turn off or you remove memory card abruptly from PC then there are chances to corruption of file system of memory card. It causes to complete loss of files on memory stick.

Prominent features:

  • This ultimate software provides a much better support to recover high resolution file formats for example RAW, TIFF, MPEG, CR2 and many other files from numerous kinds of electronic gadgets for example mobile phones, camera, hard disk drive, etc.
  • This application also has capacity to perform RAID5 file recovery operation on various Windows Operating systems like Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista and so forth. If you want to get complete information about the best way to RAID5 recovery then visit this page http://www.easyfilerecovery.org/raid-5.html
  • It’s the best pick for virus infected image files since it scans the complete storage drives and find the deleted or lost files on the basis of file name, extension, size, data of creation, etc.
  • Although the virus file is able to bypass this scan the tool provides an additional option of select and recovers that helps an individual to preview the number of files and retrieve them on your desired locations.


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