How to Repair Outlook OST File?

repair ost file

Somewhere in the world daily some one is facing issues with Outlook- OST file corruption is one of the commonest of all which happens mainly due to synchronizing issues. Sometimes users complain that local copy of their Mailbox is corrupted. There is no shame in admitting that reason of OST file corruption are not yet clear, but a bad internet connection, errors caused by virus attack, human error or missing items are all under scanner.

However we always come out of a solution. If your OST file is corrupted, try the SCANOST.EXE to identify and repair errors in the file.

OST integrity tool is what Microsoft present to provide a solution for repair OST file. This tool can easily amend corrupt OST file data and recover them. Follow these simple steps to initiate Scanost.exe and get your mail items back from death.

Following Steps are required to repair OST file Data using Scanost.exe-

  1. Close MS Outlook application (if running)
  2. Double click scanost.exe and Start the scanning process
  3. if you are working offline Click on Connect
  4. Choose the options you want
  5. Select Repair Errors check box to let the tool automatically correct the errors
  6. Click on Begin Scan

I don`t know why Microsoft has removed this magnificent tool from Outlook 2010 and latter latest versions. Yes it is sad that we don`t have Scanost.exe in latest version of Outlook. But Microsoft has suggested some ways to revive your Offline folder.

Now Microsoft recommends converting your OST file to PST format to carry out any repair process. Microsoft has integrated Scanpst.exe for this purpose only. However you will need to convert Offline folder fie to PST and then employ Scanpst.exe to fix any damage to your OST file.


SCANPST tool scans the Outlook data files on your PC to see if they`re in correct condition. But always take Backup of your OST file before using the Scanpst application. Below I have given location of this tool based on the Outlook versions.

  1. In Outlook 97/98
    drive:\Program Files\Common Files\Windows Messaging\scanpst.exe
  2. Outlook 2000/2002/XP
    drive:\Program Files\Common Files\System\MAPI\<locale ID>\scanpst.exe
  3. In outlook 2003 locations little bit change <locale ID>\NT\scanpst.exe
  4. Outlook 2007/2010/2013(Location of outlook file is mostly same only few in difference)
    drive:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office##
  5. user replace according version like 12/14/15
  • 2007 – Use Office12
  • 2010 – Use Office14
  • 2014 – Use Office15
  • Click-to-Run drive:\Program Files\Microsoft Office 15\root\office15

Note: Location of 64-bit Windows outlook file is different due to Program Files (x86) otherwise same. In Office 2013, Office 32/64 bit are available via Click-to-Run. The default delivery is 32-bit Office for 32/64 bit Windows. You can also obtain 64 bit Office for a computer with 64-bit Windows. If you would like to have both Office 2010/2013 at the same PCs, the bits of the two versions of Office must be the equal.

Use a third party software to repair the OST file in case you didn`t get it done with inbuilt tool. Corrupted, inaccessible, infected with errors etc.. OST file can be repaired easily by using this tool. See more scenarios of the OST repair tool.

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