Get Instant Solution to Retrieve Your Valuable Data

Storing important data on a computer has become an unavoidable thing in everyone’s life. Hard drive is a prominent storage device which can store large amount of data which consists of images, audios, videos, spreadsheets, animations, documents, etc. Hard drive is of two types, internal hard drive and external hard drive. External storage devices are pen drives, USB drive, memory cards such as SD, SDXC, SDHC, XD, CF, MMC and Fire wire devices.

The data that is stored on hard drive can be retained when the system is turned off because it is stored in magnetic tapes and drives. So, it can be possible to retrieve the data from drive whenever it is necessary. Commonly, users will face data loss problem from hard drive as the data are stored in digital form. For instance, you may accidentally delete some of your essential files while deleting unwanted files from your hard drive in order to increase the storage space on the hard drive.

To recover all your files from the hard drive, you can use drive recovery software which retrieves all your valuable data that you have stored in your internal hard drive or in external hard drives. Drive Recovery Software has been built with advanced features and it is a recommended tool to get back all your essential data from lost, damaged or corrupted drives.

Few reasons that eventually leads you to use Drive Recovery Software:

Power failure: If you encounter power fluctuations while working with your files, then you may end in losing up your valuable data from drives.

Improper removal of hard drive: In case, if you remove hard drive improperly from your system, then there is possibility of getting bad sectors on your hard drive which causes loss of data. It is possible to restore data from storage drives with help of data recovery software.

Virus attack: The files that you are stored on your hard drive may get corrupted and become inaccessible if it is infected by any dreadful viruses or malwares. This leads to massive data loss from your system hard drive. Thus, virus plays a major role in loss of data or deletion of files from your system drive.

Improper data transfer: If you want to transfer data from one place to another from your system, you have to use external hard drives like pen drives, USB drives, memory cards like SD, SDXC, SDHC, MMC etc. But, during data transfer process, if any interruptions occur like sudden removal of your external drive without using safe removal option may leads to data loss from your system hard disk.

Usage of unauthorized third party tool: If you use any unauthenticated third party tool in your system to install or uninstall software may lead to the deletion of some important files from it.

Unintentional formatting: Data loss happens if you format your hard drive without creating any backup for it. If you have not made a proper backup of all the data then you might lose all your vital data from the drive after formatting.

Appropriate solution to recover all your files from different storage drives:

To overcome from this problem in any of the above mentioned cases, don’t be panic and it is always suggested to maintain backup of your files. Don’t save any new files on your external hard drive as it may overwrite the files on that drive. Once it is overwritten then it is difficult to recover lost or erased files from storage drives.

There is a clear and effective solution to restore all your lost files by using a recovery tool known as Drive Recovery Software that comes with powerful scanning mechanism to ensure successful data recovery from any formatted HDD. It is trusted and reliable program to recover drive data after corruption, re-formatting, virus intrusion, improper re-partitioning, de-fragmentation, bad sectors, file system corruption and other issues.

 Striking features of Drive Recovery Software:

  • By using this software, you can retrieve up to 300 file types which includes documents, audios, videos, images, spreadsheets, PST files etc.
  • It is the best software to recover hard drive data that supporting file systems like FAT 16,FAT32,NTFS,NTFS5 and many more,
  • This recovery software comes with simple graphical user interface that helps novice users to restore data from hard drive in a short span of time.
  • This powerful Data Recovery Software is skilled to recover files from different storage devices such as USB drives, external HDD, SSD, memory cards, like SD, XD, SDXC, micro SD, etc, Fire wire devices and others.
  • This software works on Windows OS as well as Mac OS X.


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