Easiest Way to Recover Deleted Files from Mac Computer

Hi! I was deleting some unwanted photos from my Mac yesterday. At that time I deleted some important photos along with that files. Since I used “Command+Deleteoption to delete the photos, those photos were deleted permanently instead of moving to Trash. I am totally worried about this. Tell me any software to recover deleted files from Mac. Thanks in advance.”

Mac is an operating system created by Apple Inc. to work on their computers. Macintosh is shortly called as Mac. It supports various UNIX applications along with binary applications. Mac also provides many security measures like improved file handling to prevent the system from data loss/deletion. It implements various security measures to avoid data loss from the computer.

Though there are many precaution made to prevent data loss from the computer, data deletion can happen from Mac computer sometimes. This may be due to the remissness of the Mac user. But recovering those deleted files from your Mac is not a big deal. You can easily recover deleted files from Mac with the help of Recover Deleted Files software effectively. Using this software, you to easily recover Mac data on different versions of Mac.

These are the Common Data Loss Situations in Mac:

  • Accidental file deletion using Command + Delete keys: Due to some storage issues, your system forces you to delete some of the unwanted files from your disk. You may delete your important file along with those unwanted files. This situation may result in deletion of files from your computer.
  • Emptying Trash: You may have an idea to restore all your files from your Trash. So, you have selected all the files in your Trash. But, instead of selecting “Restore all items” you have accidentally selected “Empty Trash” option. At that point, all the selected items will be deleted from your Trash completely.
  • Journal Corruption: Journals are like headers to the files. The journal file may get corrupted from your Mac due to some errors. If the journal file gets corrupted, there are chances for your files to get deleted from the computer.
  • Third Party Applications: Catalog File corruption may lead to permanent data loss. Sometimes, the usage of third party tools to create / delete partitions on Mac might delete the files in your computer.

Note: Always keep a backup of your files in a separate hard disk at regular interval of time. It will help you to avoid losing your important data from your computer.

Why to use this tool?

Recover Deleted Files software facilitates you to recover data from partitions that have gone missing due to partition errors. This tool allows you to add/edit new signature files. The universal binary application supports both Intel and Power PC Mac Platforms. The “find tool” is used to find the specific file from the recovered data list. It can recover deleted files from hard drives(SATA, SCSI, IDE),flash memory cards, USB external device, iPod, etc. It allows the user to sort the recovered data on the basis of name, size, date and file type. The Mac finder styled interface is used to view the recovered data.

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