Deleted Data Retrieval

In this digital era, loss of data from PC, Laptop, camera and any other storage devices is one of the major concerns. People tend to lose valuable files that may be of various file formats such as .docx, .doc, .pdf, .dat, .ppt, .xml, .mov, .mp4, .jpg etc and obviously it is very heartening for them. Losing files from system or any other storage device will make you think, most people often get confused and worries a lot about how to recover files efficiently? But the fact is that you can recover files from storage devices by relying on professional data recovery tools.


Your data can be lost due to many reasons such as accidentally deleting using “Delete” command or “Shift + Delete”, virus attacks, improper usage of storage devices etc. Losing several important files will make you upset and unhappy thus if you don’t have any backup of those lost data then this can be more horrible. If you come across this kind of situations then, here is awesome software named Retrieve Deleted Data which can make you happy and overcome your horrible situation. You can perform deleted data recovery from storage devices easily with the help of this outstanding recovery tool. By using this tool you can get back your deleted or lost document, image, video, audio files and various types of files stored in the hard drives, memory cards, flash drives and several storage devices.

Scenarios that causes loss of data:

  • Sometimes you may delete your useless files in your system in order to free the disk space using “Shift+ Delete” option while doing this operation you may accidentally deleted some important data.
  • Formatting the partition of the drive containing important files unintentionally without taking backup will also leads to severe data loss.
  • Any interruption such as power surge, sudden ejection of storage devices, improper shutdown etc. during the transfer of data may also delete many files.
  • Using unauthorized third party application also makes you lose your important files as some unrecognized tool may not be safe to edit the files.

Another one major scenario is when virus attacks your computer or storage device then it will corrupt the files making it inaccessible resulting in severe data loss.

Features of Retrieve Deleted Data Utility:

The Retrieve Deleted Data Tool is designed by highly experienced professional experts. By this application you can scan the whole drive in couple of minutes in order to recover your lost or deleted files. You can recover data deleted using “delete” option or “shift + delete” option and other some reasons with few simple steps. This software enables you with two view option such as file type and data type view. With the help of this effective application you can sort the recovered files based on name, size, date and file type.

This software is capable to retrieve deleted data from storage devices such as hard drives (SATA/SCSI/IDE etc.), memory cards (SD, XD, MMC, Memory Stick etc.), USB flash drives, FireWire drives, etc. It supports recovery of files from file system such as NTFS, NTFS5, ExFAT, FAT16 AND FAT32 partitions. This offers you “Save Recovery Session” feature by which you can resume your recovery process and you don’t have to rescan your drive again and again. This tool can compress your recovered pictures in order to save disk space. It is well-suited with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 2003 & 2007 servers. This facilitates you with 24×7 customer support via live chat, E-mail in order to solve customer queries.

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