Best Tool to Restore Missing Files In Windows 7

Windows XP is one of the well known and most widely used operating system. Windows XP can be used on most of the PC’s, Laptops, and Media Centers today. The reason behind popularity of Windows XP is that it’s simple and user friendly nature, due to this nature of Windows XP it is still widely used in spite of Microsoft’s latest versions release. Windows XP released its versions named as Windows XP Home Edition and Windows XP Professional Edition. Perhaps Windows XP Home Edition has been perfectly designed with some great feature by keeping in mind of home users. Windows Professional Edition has some advanced features which mainly supports business operations.

After knowing the features of Windows XP you should also know the file missing scenarios of Windows XP. Yes Windows XP is also prone to file loss once you encounter file missing scenarios of Windows XP jus be relaxed here you have solution which tells you how to recover missing files in Windows XP. Windows file recovery tool is the best solution for missing file recovery on Windows XP OS.

File missing scenarios of Windows XP

File System Corruption: The file system will get corrupt due to one of the main reason like abrupt system shut down, virus infection, bad sectors etc. Once your file system got corrupted then it will not allow you to access the data from hard drive

File System Conversion: at time you may opt for file system conversion depending on the need but during this process most of the times it has been noticed that there is a chance of missing files from your system.

Virus Attack: If you connect virus infected removable devices to your system or downloading malicious data from untrusted websites etc. may infect you system by severe virus attack. In such case you may think to go for virus scan and during virus scanning process you may miss some files without any kind of alert.

Features of Windows file recovery tool

  • This application has been well designed to restore files from ExFAT, NTFS5, NTFS and FAT16, FAT32 drives or partitions.
  • Windows file recovery software helps you to the recover files which were missed due to exceeding of Recycle Bin size
  • It has most advanced features like restore different kind of file format depending on there unique signature and it sorts the recovered file based on file name, file type, file creation date etc.
  • This Windows file recovery tool helps you to recover more then 280 different types of missing files.
  • This product is capable to restore files which have been deleted by using key combinations like Shift + Delete.
  • This tool has capability to restore missing files from external hard drive, memory cards, USB drives iPods etc.

Precautions to avoid missing files on Windows XP

  • By making use of UPS you can avoid abrupt system shutdown due to power failures
  • Don’t frequently change the file system.
  • Scan your system periodically to avoid virus infection.

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